Check in Time


Check in time is 4 pm of the arrival day, and ends at 10 am of the departure day.  Early arrival or failure to depart at the agreed upon time will result in an extra days rent.  Any exceptions must be made in writing prior to occupancy.




$1000 non refundable deposit due at time of reservation. 100% of rent  is due 60 days before arrival and is non-refundable at that point. Rent is due by check. Credit card is required and is used to secure the reservation while we wait for payment to arrive. The credit card is then converted to damage deposit and may be charged for any damages upon departure. You will be contacted prior to any charges be issued against your credit card.


Security Deposit


Guest agrees to provide Agent at the time of signing this Agreement a valid credit card.  This credit card is to secure cancellation and any damages or extraordinary cleaning incurred during the rental term. No charges shall be made unless there are damages.  Guest shall be notified within twenty one (21) days after the end of the rental period with a written explanation of deductions, if any.




There is no smoking allowed in the rental property or its balconies, patios, courtyards, or surrounding area.  Evidence of smoking will result in immediate eviction and/or full forfeiture of all rents and security deposits as well as the cost of remediation if more than the security deposit.


HOA Rules


Guest agrees to abide by all Homeowner Association and Country Club rules that govern the properties.  Violation of such rules will result in fines to owner and will be deducted from the security deposit.  Violation of such rules can also result in immediate eviction if guest is determined to be in violation of other rental agreement terms.  HOA rules will be posted at rental property. Rules will be posted in the property and include but are not limited to parking, noise, and occupancy regulations.  Advance copies are available upon request.


Country Club Memberships


Some  rentals come with a country club membership which provides certain access to club amenities. The guest acknowledges understanding of what access is currently provided and that there are usage and activation costs associated with usage of these privileges.  Payment of these fees are the guest's responsibility.  Owner will maintain this level of membership or higher through the guest's occupancy period. Guest acknowledges that privileges and fees can be changed at any time by the Country Club without notice.




Cancellations must be made via email and must be verified by response in writing from Owner to be valid.   All cancellations, regardless of the circumstances, are subject to cancellation fee. Cancellations made 61 or more days prior to scheduled arrival will result in full refund less the service charge.  There will be no refund on cancellations made within 60 days of scheduled arrival unless the property can be rented for the same term.  If the property is re-rented, Owner will still collect a  service fee equal to the required deposit as well as any differences in rental price for the term.  There are no refunds or credits for unused lodging. Rent R House does not offer refunds or reschedule trips due to weather related activity. If you are concerned about possible interruption, cancellation or delayed travel due to weather, you are strongly encouraged to purchase trip insurance at the time of booking (or at least 60 days prior to arrival; trip insurance may not be purchased after final payment has been made). Trip Insurance offers a comprehensive cancellation and interruptions policy which can protect you not only in event of weather related storms, but sudden emergencies as well. Rent R House strongly encourages all guests to purchase trip insurance, especially during these months.




Guest agrees to use and occupy the rental property for short-term vacation purposes only.  Guest may not use the rental property for any other purpose without prior written consent of Owner.  Guest agrees to refrain from using the rental property for any unlawful purpose or any purpose deemed hazardous.


Occupancy Limits


Each property has a  maximum occupancy.  The person signing this agreement must be 25 years of age or older and must be one of the occupants.  Failure to comply with this requirement is grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of rents and deposits.


Inspection of Property


Guest will immediately upon taking occupancy make an inspection of the property and report to Agent any damage, breakage, malfunction, or other problem on the property.


Damages and Injury


Guest agrees to properly use and operate all furnishings, appliances, plumbing fixtures, electronics, fireplaces, and other equipment available on the rental property.  Guest agrees to return the rental property to the condition it was at the commencement of the rental term.  Guest is responsible for breakage and repairs of any kind to the rental property during the rental term.  Guest agrees that Owner, Rent R House LLC, Palm Valley Country Club, Palm Valley Country Club HOA, Kimber Airways HOA, Grand Crowne Resorts, The Lodges HOA and Palm Springs Investements are not responsible or liable for any injury to any person occurring during the rental term.


Assignment and Sublease


Guest may not assign this Agreement or sublet the rental property or any portion thereof without prior written consent of the Agent.  Only those guests who are explicitly stated on this agreement are allowed to be present at the rental property.


Right of Entry


Agent reserves the right to enter the rental property at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspecting or exhibiting the property. Non emergency entry with 24 hour notice only.  Agent may also enter in the case of emergency or for the purpose of making such repairs of alterations as may be necessary for its safety or preservation.




This Agreement may be terminated by Owner in the event of breach by Guest of any portion of this Agreement.  In the case of termination, Agent may, to the extent permitted by law, re-enter the rental property.


Compliance with Law


Guest agrees to comply with all statutes, ordinances, and requirements of all municipal, state, and federal authorities.


Pets and Animals


Pets are allowed with prior written approval only and an extra pet deposit may be required. This agreement does not allow for the presence of pets or animals and the presence of such is grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all rents and deposits, plus any amount to recover cleaning and damage as a result of the presence of said pets or animals. Service animals are an exception to this policy.


No Waiver


Failure of Owner or Agent to insist on the strict compliance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of Agent or Owner's right to enforce any such term or condition.


Heirs and Assigns


This Agreement shall extend to and be binding on representatives, heirs, executors, successors, and assigns of the respective parties as it they were in all cases named parties to this Agreement.


Arbitration and Attorney Fees


Guest and Agent agree to utilize binding arbitration should any legal action arise out of this Agreement.  In any action or legal proceeding to enforce any part of this agreement, the prevailing party shall recover reasonable attorney fees and court costs.


Release of Liability


Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner, Rent R House LLC, Palm Valley Country Club, Palm Valley Country Club HOA, Kimber Airways HOA, Grand Crowne Resorts, The Lodges HOA and Palm Springs Investements from any loss, liability, damage or cost incurred due to Guest's occupancy or use of golf cart. Guest further agrees that drivers personal auto insurance will assume primary position in the event of an accident.


Governing Law


Both parties agree that this Agreement shall be governed by California or Missouri  law based on location of property occupied.